Homecoming in Grand Forks: A Realtor's Love Letter to the Heart of BC - By Candice Becker

Homecoming in Grand Forks:

A Realtor’s Love Letter to the Heart of BC

By Candice Becker


Welcome to my corner of the world – Grand Forks, where mountains meet rivers, and community thrives. I’ve had the privilege of calling many places home, but there’s something truly special about the heart of British Columbia that has called me back. In this very first blog post, let’s journey through my personal story, exploring why I love Grand Forks, why I returned, and why I’ve planted my roots firmly, becoming a Realtor in this vibrant community.

I was born and raised in Grand Forks, growing up outdoors. Our parents didn’t seem to care that we were gone all day, as long as we were out of their hair… Until they had to save us. From being attacked by red ant piles we were told to stay away from, falling through the ice on the river we were told not to play on, losing our boots (and almost each other) in quicksand, taking turns touching electric fences, crying after neighborhood hide and seek when no one found me and everyone went home, and swimming in puddles during flood season (which we later found out were cow fields full of manure, gross!). We may have gotten dirty, bruised, scraped, scared, and covered in animal crap… but our parents didn’t seem to worry because we grew up in a safe place.


After graduation, I, like many of my peers, couldn’t wait to get out of here and see what the world had to offer us, not under our parents’ roof. It seemed like most of our high school moved to Kelowna or Calgary. I tried both. After my stint of 8 months of constant snow in Alberta, I decided to stick it out in Vernon BC for 8 years. Where my Mom was living, and where I thought I’d live forever! I loved the lakes, the Okanagan, all my friends, and I even went to UBCO and became a Care Aid. I loved it there and never thought I’d move back.

Candice Becker Picking Flowers

In 2010, my Dad asked me for help. The family needed me for a few reasons, but he really wanted me to move home and work in the restaurant he had built. I can’t say no to that guy…(#daddysgirl). So I made the move and came back to my stomping grounds, and started my brand new/old/2.0 life in Grand Forks, BC. I remember one of my first nights being back; I looked up and saw the clear starry sky – it was breathtaking and something that you don’t always see in big cities. BC mountain living was for me; I was back to dirt biking, 4x4ing with friends, BC riverside living floating down the Granby and Kettle Rivers, boating on Christina Lake, hiking Observation Mountain, and appreciating Grand Forks’ natural beauty, and really fitting in with the Grand Forks community again.


The restaurant was eventually sold, and I was recruited by the Station Pub, where my serving life started, for 7 years. I took another restart in life and took a solo travel trip across the world, and lived in Australia to “find myself again”. When I returned to Grand Forks, I worked at the other local pub (there’s only 2 here), Clydes. In my 3rd year there, I began my schooling for Real Estate. I’ve always loved selling; I have been known to upsell to everyone. If you wanted fries, you’d be getting gravy. If you ordered a drink, I’d push a double. And those glasses wouldn’t get empty without me bringing another one! I’ve been told I could sell Ice to an Eskimo and Sand to an Arab. So naturally, I realized that the biggest sales I could make in people’s lives – is Real Estate!


School was hard. Fees were expensive. The cost was way more than I thought it would be. And waiting for my passing grade after the final exam was the longest 10-20 business days OF MY LIFE! But when I hit the ground running, I was sprinting! I was very fortunate to have such a huge network; people trusted me, friends and family supported me, word of mouth spread rapidly, my mentor was amazing, my brokerage taught me along the way, plus the market was HOT! It was safe to say then, and now, and every day in between – I made the right choice. This really is the career for me.


I am a licensed Realtor at Grand Forks Realty, and I truly do love my job. The agents I work with, who I used to think were so cool, super busy and important, and on billboards everywhere, are now my friends, and I feel like part of the family here. When I meet with new clients, I get to tell them Why I love Grand Forks, and why Investing in Grand Forks real estate is such a great idea! I often get to be the first person new people are meeting in this town, and I am glad I get to be the one showing it off! Knowing the area well, having experience on backroads, I know where the sun hits differently in some areas in the Winter, and where to worry about possible flooding in the Spring. I know this small town, I love this small town, and I am grateful to be in the position I am to sell others a piece of this beautiful, safe, friendly, growing, supportive, and wonderful hometown.


Grand Forks isn’t just a place on the map; it’s a community that I am proud to be a part of. Through my journey, I’ve discovered that it’s not just a great place to live; it’s a place where dreams come true, families grow, and memories are made. As I continue my journey as a Realtor here, I look forward to helping others find their perfect place in this extraordinary corner of British Columbia.